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 SunShine for forum moderator

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PostSubject: SunShine for forum moderator   Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:01 pm

i know i made an gm applictaion but i saw there already where a few gm's and you guys just need on more fm

[1] What is your in-game name? it will be SunShine

[2] How old are you? 13

[3] Where do you live? (Please Include Timezone) the netherlands +gmt

[4] How long have you played at Dignity gunz? for like 1 week?

[5a] Have you ever played official servers? yes ijji (sucks)

[5b] If so, for how long? 1.5 years

[6a] How long do you spend at DignityGunz per day? not long now cus its in beta but i will be if i'm fm

[6b] How much of that time is spent in-game? there isnt a ingame

[7] How much of that time is spent on the forums? all lol

[8 What are your normal playing times? (In GMT+0) 1-2 hours +1gmt

[9a] Have you had past experience as a staff member? yea gm and dev

[9b] If so, where and how long? my own server dead rockgunz dead nexusgunz almost dead

[10] Why do you think you would be a good forum moderator? because i'm loyal and i can help members on forum move threads mute spammers

[11] What contributions have you made to the community thus far? none

[12] Briefly describe yourself. (50 words or less i cant speak english fery well and i use lots words like ppl app and fm
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PostSubject: Re: SunShine for forum moderator   Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:41 am

Not that bad. We will think about it because maybe we will have new forum... /pending
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SunShine for forum moderator
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